Argentine DVB-T2 will be migrated by Antina ?

Argentine DVB-T2 will be migrated to DVB-T 2

(Nextvlatam news) Argentina’s wireless Pay TV operator Antina is going to migrate to the DVB-T2 standard at the beginning of next year. This change will allow the company to offer a better quality and broaden their service offer. Antina has already begun working to add HD services and is considering STB suppliers. DVR incorporation is not discarded.

Argentine DVB-T2

This new standard will provide a more efficient use of the spectrum, which would transform it into a more stable service to allow the incorporation of HD. DVB-T 2 is the extension of DVB-T and it was first tested in England, in 2008. The second version improves efficiency and allows more capacity, up to 97% extra.

Kenya DVB-T2 gets Ksh1.2B grant for digital migration from Spain,

VCAN think it need much money to invest DVB-T2, which is popular in Europe and Asia market. It will be easy if Antina will get the government support, but Argentine has confirmed to use ISDB-T digital TV system. VCAN will follow the latest news for you.

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