The National Telecommunications Commission (CONATEL) of Honduras reported that on December 31, 2020 the analogue blackout will be carried out in the country, date from which all broadcast TV broadcasts will be digital. The agency also assured that around 50 % of broadcasters (223 out of a total of 431) have already carried out the technical migration for digital broadcasts with the Japanese ISDB-T system. In December of last year, CONATEL had granted an extension until the end of January of this year to encourage broadcasters to submit an application for the authorization of the transition from analog to digital In addition to the resistance from broadcasters, another challenge for the transition process has to do with the lack of information to the population about the process as well as equipment needed at home. Regarding the latter, the government would plan to distribute 400,000 decoders, but it is still unknown what the allocation criteria would be.

Honduras ISDB T Test Vcan 1
ISDB-T Digital TV Tested in Honduras
Honduras ISDB T Test Vcan 2
ISDB Digital tv box Honduras TV Channel list
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ISDB-T Digital TV Set Top Box Frequency list
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ISDB-T Digital TV Set Top Box for Honduras Frequency

Honduras was the first country in Central America to adopt a Digital TV standard, ATSC in 2007. Currently, there are three digital channels broadcasting: “TEN Canal 10” was the first digital TV station in Honduras. It began broadcasting in 2007 on SDTV. CampusTv is the first high definition TV station in Central America, CampusTv was founded by the University of San Pedro SulaLa U Privada. The third channel is “La UTV” founded by the National Autonomous University of Honduras.

Honduras Standard: ISDB-T (announced the adoption of the standard in 09/2013) In 2007, Honduras had chosen the American system but ended up by changing this decision.