German DVB-T2 is open soon

German DVB-T2

German DVB-T2 has new planning to upgrade. As the european economic engine, Germany DVB-T2 will be a foretype for other european countries like DVB-T. Now DVB-T2 as Europe digital tv standard, it adopted by Thailand, Russia, Colombia and Singapore, Indonesia, Ukraine, Kenya, Belarus. So Germany DVB-T2 planning is welcome in the spread DVB-T2 standard.

German DVB-T2
German DVB-T2

German federal network agency Bundesnetzagentur has initiated the auction of the 700 MHz frequency spectrum.

The frequencies which are vacated by the transition of DTT from DVB-T to the more efficient DVB-T2 standard will gradually be used from 2017 for the provision of fast mobile internet access to rural regions.

Germany is the first country in Europe releasing the frequency range for this purpose. The 700 MHz frequencies in the volume of 2×30 MHz will be auctioned in conjunction with the 900 MHz and 1,800 MHz frequencies for which the usage rights expire at the end of 2016.

Companies wanting to take part in the auction can submit applications for admission until March 6, 2015. The auction will take place in May or June 2015 in Mainz.

Now VCAN DVB-T2 for car digital TV receiver, has tested and selling at other DVB-T2 countries. Once Germany DVB-T2 has testing signal, VCAN will offer the sample to Germany users to meet high speed in-car requirement.

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