Germany use DVB-T2 HD: More than 2.2 mln German households

German Car DVB-T2 H265

Germany use DVB-T2 HD

Germany Use DVB T2 HD

DVB-T2 HD has been chosen by more than 2 million Germans, following the switch from DVB-T to DVB-T2 HD on 29 March. On 30 April, one month after the switch 2.2 million Germans including 1.7 million using Freenet TV enabled receivers said that they use DVB-T2 HD for watching TV, according to a survey executed by Kantar TNS for German broadcast network operator Media Broadcast. The survey also found that 18 percent of the former DVB-T users has changed to another TV technology, while more than 400,000 households have transferred to DVB-T2 from another technology and 9 percent has done nothing yet. (sources from:–1194926)

German use DVB-T2 HD H.265

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  • Auto Mobile DVB-T2 H265

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  • Deutschland Auto DVB-T2

    Deutschland Car DVB-T2 H265 4 Tuner 4 Diversity Antenna mobile High Speed digital receiver

  • 10-DVB-T2-MPEG4-H265-HEVC-H264-Portable-TV-PVR-Multimedia-Player-Digital-Analog

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  • 9 inch portable DVB-T2 LCD TV monitor

    DVB-T29 9 inch portable DVB-T2 LCD TV monitor 2017 HD FTA Freenet H265 HEVC Codec

  • VCAN1170 IPTV box Android 4.4.2 OTT DVB-T2

    VCAN1170 IPTV box Android 4.4.2 OTT DVB-T2 Supports H.265-H.264 full HD HDMI stick

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