Philippines TV is adopted Japan's ISDB-T system

Philippines ISDB-T

Philippines TV to adopt Japan’s ISDBT system

The government has chosen to adopt the Japanese system for the Philippine migration to digital television in 2015.

Malacañan announced on Tuesday that all TV operations in the country will be following Japan’s Integrated Services Digital Broadcasting Terrestrial system or ISDBT.

Presidential Communications Secretary Sonny Coloma explained that ISDBT’s built-in emergency alert channel will enable the government to easily relay emergency warnings to the public.

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Conventional TV sets can be made “digital-ready” by attaching them to a set-up box that costs about P1,000.

The National Telecommunications Commission is expected to come up with implementing rules and regulations for the migration to digital television
before the year ends.

Secretary Coloma said: “Adoption of this system is aligned with the government’s objective of zero casualties in times of calamities, as with the Japanese experience when the system quickly flashed the tsunami alert following the devastating March 2011 Tohoku earthquake.”

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