Sony EW100 Digital TV Tuner Specs Reviews

Sony SMT EW100 Digital TV tuner
TypeDVB-T / T2 H.265DVB-T / T2 H.264DVB-TISDB-T
4 Tuner 4 AntennaDVB-T26540DVB-T240/ISDB-T7800
2 Tuner 2 AntennaDVB-T265DVB-T221DVB-T7200ISDB-T9820
1 Tuner 1 Antenna/DVB-T2KDVB-T7000ISDB-T63

Sony EW100 Digital TV Tuner Specs Reviews

Sony has unveiled and announced the new Sony Digital TV Tuner EW100. It is Digital TV (DTV) Tuner for gadgets including smartphone, tablets, navigation system and also for computer / PC. This TV tuner comes with energy saving and low power.

Sony SMT EW100 Digital TV tuner
Sony SMT EW100 Digital TV tuner

Sony EW100 Series

Sony has proudly announced its latest innovation Digital TV (DTV) Tuner Module (SMT-EW100) for mobile devices such as smartphones, navigation systems, PCs, automotive infotainment systems, and tablets. This will consume low power as well as boosts the world’s smallest size and superior reception which makes it optimal to entrust and include in our mobile devices. This is the first module from Sony specialized for mobile usage which also supports the vivid types of digital terrestrial TV broadcast systems which includes DVB-T and DVB-T2 for Asia, Africa, Europe, Middle east while DVB-T2 Lite, ISDB-T for South America, and ISDB-Tmm for Japan. With all the support like the tuner module, the antenna, software, and technical support Sony India guarantees the full secure way as well the tuner enabling mobile device manufacturers to easily incorporate a DTV feature into their products. With the world’s smallest size: 6.9 mm x 6.9 mm x 1.0 mm (incl. Filter, Crystal) the SMT EW100 series is getting a bit of craze which also supports DVB-T, DVB-T2, DVB-T2 Lite, ISDB-T mm. This is supplied with the Android driver package with Multi-Interface Data: TS, SPI, SDIO Control: I2C, SPI, SDIO. The shipping would be starting from May 2015 and will announce the pricing at the same time.

Sony EW100
Sony EW100



截至1月20日 (2015年1月21日,东京)索尼公司(以下简称“索尼”)宣布其全新数字电视调谐器模组(包括SMT-EW100系列)的商品化,可用于智能手机、平板电脑、车载娱乐系统、导航系统和个人电脑等各类移动设备。该高性能的数字电视调谐器模组拥有全球最小尺寸*,表现卓越接收效果的同时保持极低能耗,是供移动设备内置的最佳选择。 此调谐器模组可支持众多制式的数字地面电视广播系统,包括DVB-T,DVB-T2,DVB-T2 Lite,ISDB-T和 ISDB-Tmm。在SMT-EW100系列调谐器模组供货同时,索尼还将提供天线、软件和技术支持。在该整体解决方案的支持下,移动设备制造商可便捷地将DTV(数字电视)功能加入其产品中。SMT-EW100预计于2015年5月开始供货。 SMT-EW100系列的主要特点

  • 全球最小尺寸:6.9 mm x 6.9 mm x 1.0 mm (包括滤波器、晶体)
  • 低能耗:低于200毫瓦  多接口 数据:TS,SPI,SDIO 控制:I2C,SPI,SDIO
  • 可作为完整产品解决方案(包括模组、天线、软件和技术支持)的一部分
  • 可与安卓驱动包一起提供
  • 可接收区域
  • 东盟及中东地区 (DVB-T/T2)
  • 欧洲 (DVB-T/T2)
  • 非洲 (DVB-T/T2)
  • 南美洲 (ISDB-T)
  • 日本 (ISDB-T/Tmm)
  • 包括SMT-EW100系列在内的产品整体解决方案概述
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