Sri Lanka ISDB-T technology from Japan

sri lanka isdb-t
Sri Lanka ISDB-T technology from Japan, ChinaVcan has a lot of ISDB-T for Sri Lanka market

Terrestrial television broadcasts are changing from analog to digital, and adapting to this global trend is essential.Accordingly, decisions have been taken on several occasions to convert terrestrial television broadcasts to digital methods, but those decisions have not yet been implemented.Following a feasibility study conducted by the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA), it has been decided to introduce ISDB-T technology to suit Sri Lanka.Adaptation to digital technology will enable the use of wireless services to increase Internet access in rural areas, part of the frequency spectrum currently in use.Accordingly, the Cabinet approved the Joint Proposal submitted by the President and the Minister of Mass Media and Information in their capacity as the Minister of Technology to implement the project to digitize the terrestrial television broadcasting in Sri Lanka using modern technology.

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