1. Technical equipment for the airport taxi and the general Taxi :

A- Main Control Unit (Driver Monitor):

Technical Specifications.

  1. Able to be integrated with the authority platform (WASL).
  2. Supports both languages (Arabic and English).
  3. Calculate trips fare.
  4. Screen size is not less than (6) inches and not more than (7) inches.
  5. Minimum screen resolution (480 * 800dpi).
  6. Supports the fourth generation as a minimum and includes a memory with a capacity of not less than 32 GB.
  7. Supports memory port up to 128 GB.
  8. Minimum of one USB port.
  9. The ability to communicate with the operating company control center through the screen.
  10. The possibility of receiving requests through the screen.
  11. Withstand temperatures up to 80 ° C.
  12. To see screen data from all angles (180 degrees).
  13. Screen frame and background in black


taxi MDT installation


The operational screen includes the data shown below (provided that the data is displayed in Arabic and English):

  1. Car operating card number.
  2. Name of the Operating Company.
  3. The name of the driver.
  4. The reading of the fare calculator.
  5. Navigation system.
  6. Photo of the driver.

B- Other Equipment associated with the main driver Controller Unit (front screen) and their specifications :

Seat Sensors:

  1. To be Installed in the front passenger seat in addition to the rear seats.
  2. Connected to the main driver Controller unit (Front screen).
  3. Senses people who weigh (15) kilograms and more.


  1. One internal camera connected to the DVR device and directed to the driver.
  2. A suitable DVR connected to the main drive unit so that the camera content can be accessed at any time (the live image inside the vehicle)
  3. Withstand temperature up to 80 ° C.
  4. A local storage unit (inside the vehicle) that can store records for at least one month.

Billing Printer:

  1. Print the invoices clearly, provided that the invoice contains (the invoice number, the name of the operating Company, the tax record, the value of trip fare, the means of communication with the facility, the vehicle data, and the date and time of the trip).
  2. Be within the operational screen or separate.

Payment device:

The ability to pay the fare by bank cards or through payment by smart devices, provided that the method of payment is from a party licensed by the Saudi Arabian Monetary Agency.


Free Wi-Fi is provided.

Tracking device:

  1. 24 hours live and direct tracking of the vehicle.
  2. Determine the vehicle speed.
  3. Keeping the tracks and movements of the vehicle for a period of six months as a minimum, with the ability to review the entire itinerary according to the specified time and date.
  4. Display the vehicle stops on the map with time info.
  5. Determining the total vehicle operating hours for a specific period.
  6. Determine the status of the vehicle’s tracking device as follows:
    1. The tracker is intact and the vehicle is in motion.
    2. The tracker is intact and parked.
    3. The tracker’s condition is intact with no coverage.
    4. The tracking device is disabled.
  7. Send an alert if the tracking device is tampered with or the data is tampered with.
  8. Send an alert in the event of vehicle accidents.
  9. Send notifications through text messages to the driver’s mobile.
  10. The device must have the ability to connect remotely to another tracking system if the contract with the service provider has been terminated and move to another service provider.

Emergency button:

  1. Number (2), one on the front screen, and the other on the back screen.
  2. Connected to the main driver Control Unit.

Illuminated Panel:

  1. Installation is limited to public taxi only.
  2. Fix to the middle of the car’s roof according to the specifications and sizes indicated in the figure below, provided that the light color is yellow.
  3. Connected to the main driver.
  4. Turns of when the meter is not turned on.
taxi led light

2.Rear Seat monitor:

(Mandatory in Airport Taxi, Optional in public Taxi)

-Technical Specifications:

  1. Support both Arabic and English languages, in addition to two other languages to be determined later by the transport authority.
  2. Screen size is not less than (7) inches and not more than (10) inches.
  3. Support advertisement content with the following formats (JPG, MP3, MP4, AVI, PMG).
  4. Withstand temperatures to 80 ° C.
  5. Includes a memory with a capacity of not less than 16 GB.
  6. Allows the passenger to evaluate the service.
  7. Ability to control Volume level.

Installing two screens behind the front seats. (size not less than (7) inches)

taxi MDT at headrest for passenger

Installing on screen between the two front seats.

taxi MDT at handrest for passenger